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Nevita: Whats that, Rachel? Что это, Рэйчел? Rachel: Its by Deep River. Do you like Deep River? Это Deep River. Тебе нравится Deep River? Nevita: No, I dont. Theyre awful! Does Trevor like Deep River.

Music can be heard now in waiting areas: the doctors and dentists office, airports, restaurants, bus terminals and train stations. Even while on-hold during a phone call there will be nice music for you to.

(Е) 3 Без музыки жизнь была бы скучной и бесцветной. Ex. 12 page 76 Read the article and answer the questions: What kind of music is Britain most famous for? What music do teenagers listen.

В горах мое сердце Доныне я там. По следу оленя лечу по скалам. Гоню я оленя, пугаю козу. В горах мое сердце, а сам я внизу. Ex. 8 page 75 Read the article.

In pairs, discuss some arts festivals. В парах обсудите некоторые фестивали искусств. It was recently announced that the 2013 National Eisteddfod will be held in Denbighshire, at Kilford Farm. The Eisteddfod is an annual competition.

(E) 3 Without music life would be boring and colourless. Музыка в нашей жизни (Рэйчел Уоллес) Музыка является мощной. Музыка может заставить людей улыбаться и музыка может заставить людей плакать. Ученые говорят, ранние музыкальные занятия.

Прочитайте разговор и ответьте на вопросы. 1 Who doesnt like Deep River? Nevita doesnt like Deep River. Кто не любит Deep River? Невите не нравятся Deep River. 2 Who likes Deep River?

Why? Music, especially the right music, is very soothing and relaxing. (D) 2 It helps us when we have to wait for something or somebody. And finally, music is used for special occasions and celebrations.

Names such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Elton John, George Michael and the Spice Girls are known world-wide, but people dont know much about our other musicians outside the pop.