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But many communities function more like all-inclusive resorts than conventional real estate, meaning a single monthly rental fee includes not only housing, but also: Some or all meals Utilities. Light housekeeping, including linen service Landscaping.

The size of this monthly fee varies widely, depending on the size of the unit and the location of the community. Holiday, for instance, uses a monthly average of 2600 in its online cost-of-living calculator.

Legally, applicants are allowed to review a CCRC 's audited financial statements and receive periodic updates. When buying real estate in a 55 or independent living community, be sure to keep an eye on future.

As in any other kind of real estate investment, prices depend on the size of the unit purchased, the amenities offered and of course, location. In addition to the cost of the home itself, the.

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There may be little or no entrance fee involved, but this option can be risky: if your health takes a turn for the worse, skilled nursing can cost up to 250 a day, which could.

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This type of contract is best for seniors who don't see their health care situation changing significantly-and who can afford to pay extra if it does. Finally, A few CCRC s operate like independent living.

Returnable entrance fees are higher, but they guarantee that the money spent to gain entrance to a community is an actual investment with cash value for the senior's heirs. With occupancy rates down, some CCRC.