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So how in the name of all that is holy do you explain to a five-year-old that, even though the word came from one of your favourite cartoon shows, you want them to stop using.

And in the meantime, I need your advice. Should I try to explain all this to his school teacher? And what about the parents of all his friends? I mean, if J came home one.

Okay, just wait here for a minute, J. I need to make a few phone calls. Got some extra clothes in your bag? Good - might be staying with some new friends tonight, that sounds.

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Especially at school!? My approach was to be honest all the way and not attempt too many shortcuts. "J, those Donald Duck movies were made a very, very long time ago, and that word DRUGS.

Why don't we just say medicine?" "No." "No?" "It's a really loooong word, I think. It will take me all day to write that." (Strangled noises come from father) Anyway, we're getting there.

"I just like DRUGS." "Yes, okay then. Do your mum and dad know about this?" "DRUGS? Yes, of course they do. They give it meaning "spell it for" to me." "They do, do they?

Harmless, really. Right? I mean, writing DRUGS on a bit of paper couldn't hurt that much, could it? But why, of all the signs and words he might become 'hooked on did it have to.