Air smoke spice

Break out the Blowtorch: Smoke Spice Wine Enthusiast Magazine

10 Blend Helix Herb Herb/Pot Herbal Haze Herbal incense Herbal Potpourri BLUEBERRY Herbal Smoke Herbal smoking blends High Grade High Quality Damiana Hipster Hot Box HU-210 Hummel's Voodoo Magic Hush Hypnotic Hysteria iAroma Potpourri Apple.

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Happy) Happy Joker Happy Shaman Happy Shaman Herbs Fruit Berry Happy Shaman Herbs Humbolt Green Happy Shaman Herbs Mango Happy Shaman Herbs Vanilla Vapor Hawaiian Haze Hawaiian Hybrid Haze Head Trip Head Trip Herbal Incense.

Bones Piece of Shit-Bag Blend Dr. Express Pineapple Dr. Feel Good Dr. Feelgood Blueberry Dragon Dragon Eye Dragon Eye, aromatic potpourri (ML w/ teal/blue flakes) Dream Dream On Dreams Dutchy Dyno Dynomite Herbal Incense XXX.

Fake Bake Fake Weed Fake Weed/Legal Weed FUB-PB22 FUISON 3G Funky Buddha Gold Funky Green Stuff Funky Green Stuff - Reggie's Blend Funky Green Stuff Blueberry Funky Green Stuff Chocolate Funky Green Stuff Mango Funky.

And Mrs. Marley Incense Mr. Happy Potpourri Mr. Marley KUSH Mr. Miyagi Dojo Mr. Miyagi Melt Mr. Miyagi Melt Max Mr. Miyagi Warpaint Mr. Miyagi ZERO Mr. Nice Guy Mr. Nice Guy (2nd generation blueberry).

Nice Guy (Sour Apple) Murder Myrrh Mystery MYSTIC Fruit Punch MYSTIC Lemon Lime MYSTIQUE Blueberr MYSTIQUE Strawberry Name Platinum Blend Natural Incense Blend - SPIZ NICE DREAMS (Krazy Kandy) Nightmare Nightmare 1G Ninja Ober Spice.

Black Magic Smoke herbal incense Black Mamba Black Mamba (see THE orginal Black Mamba) Black Sabbath Black Widow Blayze Maxx Blueberry Hawaiian Blaze. BLAZE Grape Blaze It Blaze It Blueberry Blaze It Mango.

Bliss Bloody Mary Blue Berry Yum-Yum Blue Caution Blue Cheese Blue Diamomd Blue Giant Blue Magic Blueberry Blaze Blueberry Haze Bombay Blue Booka BooM Breeze Bubble Blast Bud Factory Bud-a-licious BUDDHA Exclusive Herbal - BLACK.